Pakistan Army Ranks And Salary 2023 Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

You can read here Pakistan Army Ranks And Salary 2023 Basic Pay Scale And Allowances which is best in the way. Every aspect is possible to make for army ranks pakistan and specifically you can get the idea of lance naik, naik, Havildar, and commissioned officer salary in Pakistan army. The journey of the Pakistan Army started on 14th August 1947. After the independence, Pakistan Army evolved into the world’s top force and become famous in terms of their services.

The story of the advancement of Pakistan Army is the tale of the birth of Pakistan, since its inception from the freckled nucleus of a regal legacy to its present status of an avant-garde and combat-tested field Army; it is an epoch of development which leaves behind its trials and tribulations, calamities and conflicts, as it struggled, with scarcity of possessions to embark on its shaping years. This is, conceivably, the enormous paradigm amongst few armies in history to have faced a war right at its setting up and, in the subsequent years, besides guarding the geographical precincts, it is always prepared to protect the ideological boundaries of the country.

zarb-e-azab and rada-ul-fasad are the project of Pakistan army that are intents to finish the terrorism from he their roots in the country and offering so many lives of the soldiers of army in achiving the goal to make sure to finish the terrorism in the country salary parks and facilities are not sufficient for the better life. Here we are discussing the ranks and salary packages of the Pakistan army with allowances.

Pakistan Army Ranks And Salary 2023 basic Pay Scale And Allowances

Following Basic pay scales are existing in the Pak Army.

Maj. Genera L
Pakistan Army Ranks and Salary 2023

Pak Army Ranks Salaries 2023

Here is details of Pakistan Army basic pay scale chart you may compare it with the pay chart of civil servants of Pakistan.

2nd LIEUT156,1403,92060,060
Maj. General141,31,9108,6102,52,450
Pakistan Army salaries

Pakistan Army Rank list and Salaries up to Junior Commissioned Officer

Pakistan Armed Forces hold the title of being one of the most efficient defence forces in the world. There are mainly three divisions of military forces in Pakistan i.e. Army, Navy and Airforce. has come up with a detailed account of the naval, air force, and army ranks Pakistan below. Following is the list of Pakistan Army Rank list up to JCO Junior commissioned officers.

  1. Sepahi (Sepoy)
  2. Lanc Naik (L/ Nk)
  3. Naik (Nk)
  4. Havaldar (Hav)
  5. Naib Subedaar (JCO)
  6. Subedaar
  7. Subedaar Major
Pak Army Ranks Insignia image

Battalion Havaldar Major at BPS 11or 9 max salary 26,390 to 22,865. Battalion,Qaurtermaster Havaldar at BPS 11 or 9,Company Havaldar Major at BPS 11or 9,Company Quartermaster Havaldar at BPS 11 or 9,Havaldar with BPS 7 or 8 max salry 21,400 to 18,485. ,Naik at BPS-7 or 6.Lance Naik at  BPS6.Soldierat  BPS-5 max salary is 17,185 .

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Pak Army Ranks and Grades

As a result, there are different ranks of officers in the army, navy, and air force, who lead the enlisted soldiers.

Pakistan ArmyPakistan NavyPakistan Air Force
Second Lieutenant MidshipmanPilot Officer
Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant Flying Officer
CaptainLieutenant Flight Lieutenant 
MajorLieutenant CommanderSquadron Leader
Lieutenant ColonelCommanderWing Commander
ColonelCaptainGroup Captain
BrigadierCommodoreAir Commodore
Major GeneralRear AdmiralAir Vice Marshal
Lieutenant  GeneralVice AdmiralAir Marshal
GeneralAdmiralAir Chief Marshal
Pakistan Army ranks as compare to Navy and Airforce

Pakistan Army Commission officers Ranks and Salaries

The army has the largest number of officers, mainly because it is responsible for the entire land. The ranks in the Pakistan Army start from Second Lieutenant and go up to General. Following are all army ranks Pakistan explained for your reference. Here is the complete list of Pakistan army Commission officers’ Ranks 2023.

  1. Second Lieutenant 
  2. Lieutenant
  3. Captain
  4. Major
  5. Lieutenant Colonel
  6. Colonel 
  7. Brigadier
  8. Major General
  9. Lieutenant General
  10. General

Lieutenant BPS 17.2nd Lieutenant at BPS-17.Subedar Major with  BPS 16 man salary 43,960. Subedar  at BPS- 15 amx salary 38,960,.Naib Subedar at BPS 13 max salary 31,150. or 14 scale and max salary is 34,040. These are explained well versed about the Pakistan Army Ranks And Salary 2022 Pay Scale. Colonel with BPS 19 and salary could be 40,155 minand max 81,655.  Lieutenant Colonel  BPS-18 max salary would 64,940Major with  BPS- 18,Captain BPS 17salry 51,780.

Lieutenant General with BPS 22 minimum pay would be 55,755 and max would be 111,194.Major General with BPS 21salary will be 51,885 at the minimum rates and 99,135 at max rates. Brigadier BPS 20 salary in easy term would be 46, 705 and max 89,405. Pakistan Army Ranks , insignia and Salaries information with pictures.

Pakistan Army Ranks and Insignia

The structure of the Pakistan Army Ranks is mainly based on British Army ranks but the rank structure of other ranks personnel and insignia are different. In this Picture, we have explained the list of Pak Army Ranks from highest to lowest.

Pak Army Ranks insignia Image

Pakistan Army Rank Insignia

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