ASF ASI And Corporal Paper Today 28th October 2022 (Solved)

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ASF ASI solved Paper 28th October 2022 available in this post. Here, you can get ASF solved MCQs Past Papers for the test of ASI Assistant Sub Inspector and Corporal. ASF test prepration most important MCQs past papers and books for the post of ASI are available here in pdf. You can Download book, prepare Mcqs for your test.

ASF ASI Paper 28th October 2022:

Today Test 28-10-22 ASI ASF

  • When Pak join SCO
  • 3rd governor general of pak
  • Currency of Alegria
  • Who win asia t20 cup
  • Member of unsco
  • When battle of khaibr occur
  • Who made alighar college/school
  • Capital of china
  • Capital of Thailand
  • Geographically who is not neighbor of pak
  • A(china)b(turkey) c(India)
  • William is the worth of what
  • ASF is responsible for what
  • Who is chairman of Cenniat
  • 1 world war…
  • China ka capital city
  • Thilland ka capital city
  • Battle of Khyber kis hijriii man lagii
  • Mitochondria
  • Hazrat yaqoob title
  • 3rd governor general of Pakistan
  • Present chairman senate of Pakistan
  • House hold bleaching powder is composed of
  • Surah Al Headed meaning
  • Asf ka Kam kya hota h
  • Algaria currency

Today ASF ASI Solved Paper 2022

(1).3rd governor General of pakistan
Ghulam muhammad

(2).2022 ka Asia cup winner

(3). Capital of thailand

(4) Chairman senate of pakistan
Sajid sanjranii

(5). first world War date

(6). Al ameen kin ka laqab tha?

(7). Hazrat yaqoob AS ka occupation kiya tha?
Goats and sheep

(8) .knsa country ki border pakistan k sath ni lagti?

(9). 2nd highest peak of the world?
K2 but in test this question answer his non of these

(10) surah al hadeed meaning in Quran?

  1. how many members of security council of UNO?
    15 members

(12). when pak became the member of SCO?
9 june 2017

(13) Non permanent members of security council of un?
(14) Currency of Algeria?

(15) Non permanent member of security council of un duration ?
2 years

(16)When battle of khyber occur?
7 hijri

(17) Who made alighar college/school?
Sir syed ahmed khan

(18)Capital of china?

Beijing but in test this question answer is non of these

(19) Geographically who is not neighbor of pakistan ?
(20) William is the worth?
English poet
(21)ASF is responsible for what ?
All of these

(22) Power house of cell is called ?

(23) House hold bleaching powder is composed of?
Calcium oxychloride

(24) Asf ka Kam kya hota hai?
Airport security


(25) Far superlative dgree ?
(26) Logical synonym ?
(27) health comparative degree?
(28) farthest planet to the sun?
(29) correct the spelling ?

(30) is the member of saarc with high literacy rate ?
(31) In 1905 partition of bengal into ?
East and west bengal
(32) Radio activity is the emission.of ?
(33)Al amin is the title of ?
Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)

(34) whoever safe one life as it is safe the whole ?

(35) Annex is the fundamental doucments of aviation security applied across the world
Annex 17

(36) Has beeb discovered in kala bagh ?

(37) Present premier of peoples republic of pakistan is ?
Li keqiang

(38) preserve similar?
(39) Brief opposite
(40) is the not permanent member of security council of un except ?

Today ASF Corpor Solved Paper

Corporal Paper 28.10.2022

ASF ASI Paper 28th October 2022

Most of the questions that came up in today’s paper were already here..

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