ASF ASI Solved Paper 31 March 2022

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ASF ASI solved Paper 31 March 2022 available in this post. Here, you can get ASF solved MCQs Past Papers for the test of ASI Assistant Sub Inspector. ASF test prepration most important MCQs past papers and books for the post of ASI are available here in pdf. You can Download book, prepare Mcqs for your test.

ASF ASI Solved Paper 31 March 2022

  1. Synonym of Curator? Guardian
  2. Synonym of Eager? Anxious
  3. Antonym of Cordinal? Mild
  4. Antonym of Reckless? Prudent
  5. Closet planet to sun? Murcury
  6. Pakistan lies between latitude? 24 N to 37 N
  7. Tashkant agreement was signed in ? 10 Jan 1966
  8. sun light take time to reach earth? 8 Min
  9. Age required for MNA ? 25
  10. Khewrra is famous for? Salt mine
  11. Which country first recognised pakistan ? Iran
  12. Lord Curzon partitioned Bangaal in parts? 2 Second
  13. ASF Rules ? 1978
  14. ASF duty? Search and identification
  15. closet planet to sun? Venus
  16. Aler Vitamin in sunlight? Vitamin D
  17. Silk highway length? 37 km
  18. Senate in which constitution, 1973
  19. Indus water treaty was broken by ? World bank
  20. Out flow of river nile? Lake Victoria
  21. Hight of k2 in feet? 28251
  22. Ayat in surah ahzaab? 73
  23. Profession of hazrat abu bkr? Cloth Merchant Shaib e abi talib date? 616
  24. Hudabya was the name of? Hill
  25. Aler If a clock loses 5 minutes in a day after how many days it will give correct time.? Write correct answer in comments
  26. A person read 3/7 page of a book and 3/4 remaining in other day. Write correct answer in comments
  27. if 45 pages are left how many pages are in book.? 180
  28. Highest number in consective integers.,?? Spelling of assistance?
  29. Lunar eclipse occur when? when the earth comes between the sun and the moon
  30. total number of bones in spinal column of human are? 33
  31. first Olympic games were held in? 1940
  32. Pakistan won ICC Campions Trophy in? 2017
  33. Earth is composed of layers except ?
  34. The Planet nearest to sun is? Mercury
  35. Unit of radioactivity is? becquerel
  36. Main functions Of ASF at airport is/are? All of above
  37. کس قوم پر عذاب نازل ہوا؟ حضرت نوح
  38. ASF service rules have been framed in?1978

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ASF ASI Past Paper 31 March 2022

Asf asi paper 31 march 2022
Asf asi past paper 31 march 2022

Most of the questions that came up in today’s paper were already here..

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