FIA Complete Solved Paper 2021

FIA Complete solved Paper today Held in Vertual University 2021. FIA today Papers Questions for constable and All Posts are given below. You can check FIA Papers Solved MCQS All solved mcqs available of fia test 2021. This FIA solved Paper help for the Candidates their preparation of FIA Jobs, and these FIA Solved Papers Questions are very helpful in solving the paper in the FIA. FIA Past Papers are very helpful for the Candidate. You Can Check your marks in FIA test 2021 now from here.

Total Marks60 Marks
Time duration60 minutes
Test QuestionsMCQs type
Paper ForUdc,ldc,constable,asi,si
Conducted byvirtual University

FIA paper solved 2021

FIA Test/Paper Solved Mcqs:

  1. SAARC HQ is in (Khatmandu)
  2. City Of lights of Pakistan (Karachi)
  3. Brazil Won the Footbal Cup for How many time? ( 5 times).
  4. Pakistan Joined CENTO in (1955)
  5. Zakat and Usher Ordinance Implementation year. (1980)
  6. Nisab of Gold Zakat (7 and a Half)
  7. Rooh Ullah is the Title of? (Hazrat Easa AS)
  8. Nehru Report Represented under the Chairmanship of?( Motilal Nehru)
  9. Cutting the trees makes disturbance to? (Ecosystem)
  10. Ninth President of Pakistan (Muhammad Rafiiq Tarar)
  11. In Power Point First Slide name? (Title slide)
  12. Percentage of Balochistan in total area of pakistan ? (42%)
  13. Pituitary gland work as (n It senses the body’s needs and sends signals to different organs and glands throughout the body)
  14. Sir Creek Line is in between? (India and Pakistan)
  15. Biggest Cell in Human Body is (Ovum)
  16. KK Aziz Wrote? (The Making of Pakistan)
  17. Ctrl+z used for (Undo)
  18. Professional Social Media App is (Linkedin)
  19. Rainiest place of Palistan (Murree)
  20. East Pakistan new name (Bangladesh)
  21. Pakistan hockey won first gold medal in (1960)
  22. Australia won Cricket World Cup 2007 Final Against (Srilanka)
  23. 1989 Which organization came in to being (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)
  24. MB stands for (Mega Byte)
  25. Shortest Surah of Holy Quran (Surah Kausar)
  26. Bird Mentioned in Quran (HUD HUD)
  27. Sim Stands for (subscriber identity module)
  28. WAN and MAN are components of (Internet)
  29. CD stands for (Compact Disc)
  30. Mecdonia is the Capital of Skopje)
  31. Quran Revealed on (Prophet Muhammad PBUH)
  32. Shortcut key for 1.5 line Spacing is (Ctrl+5)
  33. Getting data from Different sheet is called (Referencing)
  34. Standard Resolution of VGA is (640X480)
  35. Diameter of Compact disk is (12 cm)
  36. In banks data check on the Cheques is read by the following Device (MICR)
  37. The process to remove errors in program is called (Debugging)
  38. Facebook Founded in (2004)
  39. Leaders book Written by.(Richard Nixon)
  40. Which one of the five is least like the other four? Carrot , Bean, Corn, Potato, Apple. (Answer is Apple.)

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