Mathematics Important Mcqs #4 – Math’s Mcqs for Test Preparation

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Welcome to Math MCQs Test Preparation Series. This is the 4th part of Mathematic Mcqs series. We are presenting you MCQs Quizzes questions from FIA, NTS, PTS, OTS, CTSP, CTS, Virtual University, FPSC Jobs, PPSC Jobs, KPPSC Jobs, SPSC Jobs, BPSC Jobs, AJKPSC Jobs, Pak Army, Pakistan Navy, PAF ( Pakistan Air force) and ISSB Past Papers. We know that every Candidate tries his best to obtain maximum marks In written Test. JOBS680 helps you to achieve your goal of getting good Marks in your job test.

Math MCQs Online Test preparation Instructions:

This Mathematic MCQs online Quizzes Preparation test consists of 20 questions of Basic Math MCQs.

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.Practice this test at least 2 times if you want to get High Marks in portion of Math test.If you found any incorrect answer in these quizzes. Please touch on the quiz title and comment below on that mcqs. So that JOBS680’s team can update the incorrect answer on time.

Basic Math MCQs Part :4:



#1. The proportion of milk in the mixture of milk and water by weight was 80%.If 36 grams of pure milk is added to a mixture of 180 grams, what will be the percentage of milk in this mixture?

#2. What is the ratio of Rs 60 per kg and Rs 65 per kg of tea? So by selling the mixture at Rs 68.20 per kg, it can increase by 10%?

#3. One Gross is equal to_________?

#4. Zero is a _________ number?

#5. Quadrillion has _________ zeros?

#6. If money is spent on 12 members of the family.850 in 10 days.After that a family of 8 will spend Rs.340 in how many days?

#7. How many meters carpet 63cm will be required for 14m x 9cm room floor?

#8. What is the distance covered by a car traveling 3 hours and 30 minutes at a speed of 80 km per hour?

#9. 85% of a number is added to 24, the result is the same number.Find the number?

#10. After a 24% reduction in price, the price of an item is Rs. 912.Find out the true value of an article?

#11. What percentage of 120 is 90?

#12. Today is Humaira's birthday.After one year, it will double like ten years ago.Humaira's current age?

#13. P and Q can complete the work in 15 days and 10 days respectively.They started working together and then 2 days later Q left.P completed the rest of the work alone.The work was finished in _________ days.

#14. A and B can complete a task in 30 days if they work together.They worked together for 20 days and then left.A completed the rest of the work in 20 more days.In how many days can A alone finish the job?

#15. The average of the first ten prime numbers that are odd is ________?

#16. A man spends Rs.3300 This was 75% of his monthly income.Her monthly income is _______?

#17. A batsman scores 85 in his 17th innings and adds 3 to his average.What is his average after 17th innings?

#18. The average salary of workers in an industry is Rs.200, the average salary of technicians is Rs.400 and that of non-technicians is Rs.125.What is the total number of workers?

#19. The average age of the three boys is 15 years and their ages are in the ratio of 3: 5: 7.How old is the youngest boy?

#20. If in a game of 80 P can give 16 points to Q and R can give 20 points to P, how many points can R give to Q in a game of 150?


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