FPSC Rules & Syllabus For Applying in CSS Exam 2022

FPSC CSS Curriculum, Subjects and CSS Written Exam 2021, 2022 Exam Rules

curriculum and rules for compulsory and optional papers of Central Superior Services (CSS) Competitive Examination (CE) through Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Pakistan. The link between CSS syllabi (PDF) and CSS articles is given below as an example selection. The following syllabus for CSS exams is for CSS 2021, 2022, and later CSS exams.
Note: The following syllabus, paperwork, and other information are for CSS exams only. For other jobs announced by FPSC, please see the FPSC  FPSC Syllabus section.

CSS syllabus, subjects and exam rules

Competitive CSS exam
Total papers: 12 (Total number: 1200)
Mandatory Papers: 6 (Number: 600) (All candidates will have to take 6 Mandatory Papers)
Optional Papers: 6 (Number: 600) (Candidates will choose 6 from the various given choices)

Mandatory CSS Articles (600 marks)

The six mandatory CSS handouts are 100-digit numbers, each lasting three hours. All candidates should get all the required papers.

Mandatory CSS Papers

Essay writing
English (Precis & Composition)
General Science and Qualifications
current affairs
Matters of Pakistan
Comparative study of Islam / major religions
Note: Non-Muslim candidates can choose either Islamic Studies or Comparative Study of major religions which is suitable for them. Muslim candidates should give a paper on Islam.

Optional CSS articles (600 marks)

Candidates have to choose optional subjects which have a total of 600 marks. Subjects that have two papers of 100 marks, such as Accountancy and Auditing, in Economics Group-I, will have to take both papers.
CSS Curriculum (PDF), FPSC CSS Subjects and Exam Rules 2021 2022

Group – I

Candidates can choose an essay of 200 marks.

Accountancy and Auditing – I.
Accountancy and Auditing – II
Economics – I
Economics – II
Computer Science – I
Computer Science – II
Politics – I | Notice
Politics – II
International Relations – I | Notices | MCQs
International Relations – II
Note: If you take Economics-I, you must also take Economics-II. And the same is true for all the other 200 pamphlets, namely Accountancy and Auditing, Computer S.

Group II

Candidates can take of this subject with 200 marks.

On mathematicians
Pure math
P. Geology
Note: If you get Physics-I, you have and you will have Physics-2. The same is true of chemistry papers.

Group III

Candidates choose 100 marks for an essay.

Traffic management
Public Administration
Governance and public policies
Villa planning and urban management

Group – IV

Candidates choose 100 marks for an essay.

History of Pakistan and India
Islamic History and Culture | MCQs
British history
History of Europe
History of the United States

Group V

Candidates choose 100 marks for an essay.

Gender studies
Environmental science
Agriculture and forestry
English language
Urdu literature

Group – VI

Candidates choose 100 marks for an essay.

Constitutional law
International Law | Notices | MCQs
Muslim law and jurisprudence
For Merchant | Notice

Group – VII

Candidates choose 100 marks for an essay.

Journalism and Mass Communication
Geography | MCQs
Sociology | Notice

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