English Grammar MCQ’s Test Preparation Online #4

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Welcome to Jobs680.com English Grammar Past Paper MCQs Test Preparation Series. This is the 2nd part of English Mcqs series. We are presenting you MCQs Quizzes questions from FIA, NTS, PTS, OTS, CTSP, CTS, Virtual University, FPSC Jobs, PPSC Jobs, KPPSC Jobs, SPSC Jobs, BPSC Jobs, AJKPSC Jobs, Pak Army, Pakistan Navy, PAF ( Pakistan Air force) and ISSB Past Papers MCQs. We know that every Candidate tries his best to obtain maximum marks In written Test. JOBS680 helps you to achieve your goal of getting good Marks in your job test.

English prepration Online Testing Instructions:



#1. I ___ by the aroma of freshly cooked chicken.

#2. The banana's ___ when they are ripe.

#3. The ___ games are held every four years.

#4. The car ___ as fast as the bus.

#5. She was ___ going to the salon.

#6. he ___in the shelter for 3 hours.

#7. I ___ never seen such a beautiful goat.

#8. ___ like a glass of water.

#9. She is junior ___

#10. Hamza is ___ than Ali.

#11. The past form of edit is ___?

#12. ___ he know what he is doing?

#13. I ___ my friend every week.

#14. Ali ___ a beautiful house.

#15. Saba ___ the portraits on the wall.

#16. I ___ her an hour ago.

#17. She lost his purse after she ___ it.

#18. I ___ her to go.

#19. My parents ___ abroad.

#20. choose the correct spelling.


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