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Are you thinking to be a part of Government Sector??.. then you should read this article it will help you a lot.

The people seem to be throwing accusations at government officials, that they are still earning while skilled and high qualified people are not employed by private companies due to the country financial crisis.

‘The Process’

The selection / hiring process begins which requires a year and includes a written test, announcement of its result, psychological examination, medical examination and interviews.1.52 percent of the smart and very lucky people who eventually pass have to undergo a training course for two years. each officer has to complete a certain period of job training as well. The whole process takes 4 years approximately from start to getting an independent posting.


1.The hardest myth of all exams:

Those assessments are similar to all different exam. this too calls for proper strategy. The Exam includes a long time method however that doesn’t suggest it’s miles the hardest.  If considered carefully the syllabus can be managed in the stipulated hours or time. The test topics revolve round critical problems associated with our country and society. Standard books are available in the marketplace.

Working hard will make you fortunate as good fortune involves the ones who’ve willpower and places in actual efforts whilst taking the preparations.

2.Source is must:

Whatever your passions, the government has opportunities for you. Whether it’s finance, technical or an interest in art history, zoology etc. You’ll find opportunities that excites you. If you are educated and hard working person, then there is no need of source or reference.

3.Slow growth of wealth:

There is another myth which is about wealth. Mostly people think that the government servant could not get rich until his hairs become gray, but this is not true. In private jobs, a good start-up salary could not make you wealthy in short time. because you have less chances of getting increased salary for a long time. while a Government employee enjoy increment every year.

4. Government job is permanent:

Yes, this is true. Government jobs are very stable. Once hired, you’ll enjoy substantial job safety and security but there is also a termination. If a person caught red handed he could be terminate.

5.Government jobs depend on bribery:

This is one of the most common myth about Government jobs. Bribery is possible in every sector whether it’s government or private. If we talk about civil servants, you will find well-mannered highly qualified and skilled persons who hold positions and ranks by proving their abilities rather than bribing.

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