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Welcome to Islamic Studies Past Paper MCQs Test Preparation Series. This is the first part of Islamic general knowledge series. We are presenting you MCQs Quizzes questions from FIA, NTS, PTS, OTS, CTSP, CTS, Virtual University, FPSC Jobs, PPSC Jobs, KPPSC Jobs, SPSC Jobs, BPSC Jobs, AJKPSC Jobs, Pak Army, Pakistan Navy, PAF ( Pakistan Air force) and ISSB Past Papers MCQs. We know that every Candidate tries his best to obtain maximum marks In written Test. JOBS680 helps you to achieve your goal of getting good Marks in your job test.

Islamic Studies Online Preparation Instructions:

  1. This Islamic studies online Quizzes Preparation test consists of 20 questions of Islamiyat.
  2. Don’t forget to “Submit Quiz” to check your Islamic studies MCQs preparation result and acquired marks and percentage.
  3. Practice this test at least 2 times if you want to get High Marks in Islamiat test.
  4. If you found any incorrect answer in these quizzes. Simply touch on the quiz title and comment below on that mcqs. So that JOBS680’s team can update the incorrect answer on time.



#1. What is The name of the first Surah Of Holy Quran?

#2. The last Surah of the Holy quran is:

#3. The nam of the longest Surah in Holy quran is:

#4. The name of the shortest Surah In The Holy Quran is:

#5. The total number of Makki surah in quran are:

#6. The total numbers of Madni Surah in Quran are:

#7. The first Kalimah is:

#8. The second Kalimah name is:

#9. The Third kalimah name is:

#10. The Fourth Kalimah name is:

#11. The fifth Kalimah name is:

#12. The sixth Kalimah name is:

#13. The name of the only Surah Of The Holy Quran, which is not started with "Bismillah" is :

#14. The name of the Holy book which is revealed to Hazrat Daud(AS)is:

#15. The name of the Holy book of Jews is :

#16. Miraaj Shareef Occured on

#17. Injeel is the Holy Book of :

#18. The total number of the surah in the Holy Quran which are on the name of the various Prophets:

#19. The name of the seventh month of Islamic year:

#20. The total number of the prophets whose names are in the Holy Quran is:


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